Monday, 5 October 2009

Final Feedback From Local Residents

On the 23rd and the 29th of September, the Parsonage hosted the two final evenining events for residents of Haworth, designed to gather feedback and ideas about forthcoming changes to the museum. As before, the evenings were a great success and generated some really interesting discussions, particularly about some of the Parsonage's more controversial exhibitions! Everyone seemed to find the evening rewarding, and it was certainly useful for us in contributing to our understanding of what visitors, and in particular local people, would really like to see more of in the Parsonage.
We have been very pleased with the take up for these events and we'd like to take this opportunity to say a final thanks to everyone who attended and gave us their time and enthusiasm. We apologise though to anyone who was on our reserved list and didn't get an opportunity to attend.

Here are some of the comments and ideas we recieved.

"There's a real feeling of the Bronte's living here, not a cold, museum feel."
Pamela Young
"Liked the costumes from 'Wuthering Heights'; could replicas be made as a permanent feature when these are returned?" Alexandra Vardeaux
"There are persistent efforts to display original or very good quasi original artefacts connected with the family."
Jens Hislop
"I think the curate's study should be left as a period room and the servants room used to display artefacts of the local area. More details of the lives of ordinary people in the village would be interesting."
Margaret Smith
"I like the fact it is kept like a time capsule, you could almost imagine the Brontes still being in residence."
Claire Leary
"I don't like to see the inclusion of contemporary photos in the rooms; I like to see as many as possible of authentic artefacts.
It was fascinating to visit the library and have the talk by Anne Dinsdale and see some of the collection of papers in greater detail."
Linda Dickson

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