Thursday, 17 September 2009

Local Residents Turn Out in Force!

The first of three special evening events for local residents took place on Tuesday 15 September (there were meant to be two but the museum had to organize an extra evening to allow more people to join in!) Thirty-one guests attended and enjoyed a guided tour of the musuem, including the Library which is not normally accessible to visitors. All of the guests were Haworth residents. They discussed with musuem staff plans for 2010 when new displays will reflect the history of Haworth as well as the Bronte story. There were lots of good ideas and positive comments made - all of which will be taken into account as the museum makes plans for changes to be made in January 2010.

Here are some of those comments and ideas - thanks to all who participated:

"I think it's a good idea to incorporate more of Patrick Bronte and the servants"- Mrs D Emnott

"Putting the family in the context of the local community of the time is a good idea"

"Have you thought about(or have you done) re-enactments i.e. actors moving around the museum in costume etc?"- Michael Greenwood

"In the room where the Brontes wrote, maybe have someone reading extracts from the novels, in costume, or some sort of mechanical recording (not as good) and in display room a screen with views of the moors/wind/bird sounds and Bronte poetry being read? I enjoyed learning more about the portraits of local people"- Carole Anne Crossland

"Why not produce a street map showing where people who worked for the Brontes lived?" - Quintin Crossland

"Having lived in the village for 30 years I thought this was an ideal opportunity to undo my serious omission! I liked the connection between the Brontes and their village and feel there is a real link between the present day and the past" - Philip Carroll

"I feel that the tiny information boards in each room could be enlarged and made more attractive plus an audio guide to permit different levels of information to suit individual listeners" - Philip Carroll

"Maybe hand-held information cards in each room?"- Mr & Mrs Peter Rye

"I most liked hearing about the community in the Bronte era"- Lesley O'Brian

"I appreciated the background information and artefacts which connect the famous names with the real people they were"

" I love the evenings with authors" - Alison Wright

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