Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Special Evening at the Parsonage for Community Groups

A special evening event took place at the Brontë Parsonage on Wednesday 9 September, attending by representatives of various local community groups including the Haworth Village Association, Haworth Village Trust, the Worth Valley History Group, local churches, the Brontë Spirit partnership, Haworth People's Art and Haworth Fairtrade.

The event included a guided tour of the museum conducted by Education Officer, Susan Newby and a visit to the museum's Library with Collections Manager, Ann Dinsdale. This included a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes at the museum, including some items from the museum's collection relating to Haworth's social history and the Brontës in the context of nineteenth century Haworth.

The museum's plans for new displays in 2010 were discussed, with plenty of suggestions relating to how things might be improved and lots of positive feedback and ideas about the museum's intention to give a greater focus to the social-historical context in which the Brontës lived.

Here are some of the comments made and ideas;

''I really enjoyed looking at items Ann showed us in the Library, especially the journal from the Old Apothecary with various recipes for medical complaints of individual local people's ailments''
''After my visit I felt privileged to have seen such items normally hidden away. It made me feel somehow closer to the Brontë sisters''

''The only improvements would be more space available to show more of the hidden items that presently are not able to be viewed by the general public. Social history exhibition sounds a super idea - Also improved access for wheelchairs from car park'' - Claire Scott

''Better signage. Disabled access from car park'' - Jan Aldridge

''You have not succumbed to the temptation of filling rooms with 'fakes'!''

''Wherever possible make the premises more accessible'' - Chris McCarthy

''Audio/ video/ films of things not able to be shown'' - Sandra McCarthy

''The museum could be improved by displaying more of its collection - perhaps elsewhere'' - John Wood

''I liked the attention to detail and recreating the life of the Brontës as well as the artefacts such as their clothes''

''The museum could be improved by showing other Brontë artefacts, and local history. Making more of Patrick and his work in Haworth'' - Ian Palmer

''... period costumed tour guides, more artefacts on display, more information on the history of the house, social history and background to the Brontë world'' - Pam Howarth

''Expand information about the wider community and the lifestyle conditions the Brontës lived in'' - Rita Verity

There are two further events to follow for local residents.

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